Drug Safety News

The purpose of this site is to provide you detailed information regarding various prescription drugs and medical devices that are (or have been) the subject of national litigation. Just because a prescription drug or medical device is listed below does not mean it’s causing you harm. It simply means that safety issues have been raised. Thus, you should not stop using your medication or device simply because it’s listed below. Instead, you should click on the link, and become informed of the pot

Monsanto Weed Killer Is Killing Humans 12:06
Does Paxil And Suicide Go Hand In Hand? 11:10
FDA Has Turned Us Into Hypochondriacs 02:56
Vitamin B17 Cures Cancer 02:24

Vitamin B17 Cures Cancer

Big Pharmacy  Greed Is Killing Patients 07:34
Big  Pharmacy  Owns The (FDA)   9/30/14 09:17