middle east news

middle east news, The never ending battle between Muslims and Zionist Jews.

Israel: Controlling the Media 09:47

Israel: Controlling the Media

Is ISIS Starting WW3? 05:29

Is ISIS Starting WW3?

Why Anonymous is at war with Isil 01:36
CrossTalk on Syria: Fighting For Peace 24:20
Obama outmatched by Putin in Syria 06:12
Public gives Netanyahu 'hot' reception 03:11
Dick Cheney wants Syria destroyed 01:26
IRAN - Nuclear tech in Agriculture 06:32
US, KSA playing double game in Syria 01:29
Turkish Government Caught Helping ISIS 05:45
How Dangerous Is Israel? 05:08

How Dangerous Is Israel?

130 die in heatwave in Pakistan 00:29

130 die in heatwave in Pakistan

McDermott Remarks on Iraq 01:54

McDermott Remarks on Iraq