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Clashes, tear gas, blasts (Egypt) meets third Revolution Anniversary 1/25/14

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    Published on Jan 25, 2014

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    Three years after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, Egyptians a


    Published on Jan 25, 2014

    provided by cnnnext.com

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    Three years after Hosni Mubarak's ouster, Egyptians are meeting the revolution anniversary split between the Muslim Brotherhood and the army.

    Relentless protests and terror acts plague the country, with at least 7 dead in clashes on Saturday.

    Saturday in Cairo was set to start with marches and rallies, but kicked off with a car bomb explosion near police headquarters.

    This explosion injured just one person, but on Friday a series of four deadly blasts claimed the lives of six people, including four police officers.

    The explosion also resulted in many wounded.

    Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem), based in Egypt's lawless Sinai Peninsula took responsibility for the attacks in the Egyptian capital.

    The messages were placed in advance on jihad forums on Friday, reported the SITE monitoring service.

    Another explosion was heard near a police building in the city of Suez, state television reported.

    The building was a camp for riot police in the city.

    There was no immediate report on the casualties.

    The attacks ramped up tensions in the Egyptian capital.

    Crowds of angry people gathered at the site of the bomb blast that ripped open the front of Cairo's main police HQ.

    The people there support the government in blaming the Brotherhood, and say it is a revenge attack on the state for overthrowing Islamist President Morsi in July 2013.

    "The Brotherhood are to blame for this, the terrorists want to break the country in half," a middle-aged man told RT.

    "Some are afraid to leave their homes but most are more determined than ever to go to the streets against the Brotherhood on the revolution anniversary," promised an elderly citizen.

    "With anger mounting, there is likely to be a harsher crackdown on the Islamist group," reports RT correspondent, Bel Trew, from the epicenter of the unrest.

    The Muslim Brotherhood was formally labeled a terrorist organization in Egypt in December.

    But angered supporters of the Brotherhood and its toppled President Mohamed Morsi have been defying protest bans and clashing with police in various parts of Egypt ever since.

    On Saturday, clashes between police and Islamist protesters claimed at least 6 lives with 15 others sustaining injuries in Cairo, according to the Ministry of Health.

    Another person was killed in Alexandria.

    In the capital, police had to use live rounds to disperse over 1,000 anti-government protesters.

    Another crowd of liberal activists attempting to rally on Tahrir Square was dispersed by firing tear gas and birdshot at people protesting against the military-backed interim government .



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    PERTEMPURAN, Gas pemedih mata, LETUPAN: Mesir MEMENUHI Ulang tahun REVOLUSI yang Ke-3 .



    3 tahun selepas penyingkiran Hosni Mubarak, Mesir bertemu perpecahan ulang tahun revolusi antara Ikhwanul Muslimin dan tentera.

    Bantahan tidak henti-henti dan bertindak ganas melanda negara ini, dengan sekurang-kurangnya 7 mati dalam pertempuran pada hari Sabtu.

    Sabtu di Kaherah telah ditubuhkan bermula dengan perarakan dan perhimpunan, tetapi bermula dengan satu letupan bom kereta berhampiran ibu pejabat polis.

    Letupan ini cedera hanya 1 orang, tetapi pada hari Jumaat siri 4 letupan maut meragut nyawa 6 orang, termasuk empat pegawai polis.

    Letupan itu juga menyebabkan banyak yang tercedera.

    Kumpulan militan Al-Qaeda, Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis (Penyokong Jerusalem), yang berpangkalan di Semenanjung Sinai tanpa undang-undang Mesir yang mengaku bertanggungjawab bagi serangan di ibu negara Mesir.

    Mesej yang ditempatkan terlebih dahulu di forum-forum jihad pada hari Jumaat, melaporkan perkhidmatan pemantauan SITE .



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