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    In the United States, child poverty has reached record levels, with over 16 million children now affected.



    Provided by cnnnext.com

    In the United States, child poverty has reached record levels, with over 16 million children now affected.

    Food banks are facing unprecedented demand, and homeless shelters now have long waiting lists, as families who have known a much better life have to leave their homes, sometimes with just a few days notice.

    America's Poor Kids meets three children whose families are struggling to get by, and asks them to tell us what life in modern America really looks like through their eyes.

    Told from the point of view of the children themselves, this one-hour documentary offers a unique perspective on the nation's flagging economy and the impact of unemployment, homelessness and poverty as seen through the eyes of the children affected.

    The film's BAFTA winning director, Jezza Neumann, invested months in the US gaining the trust of the food banks, schools and shelters, and then the families and children themselves.

    As a result he paints an extraordinarily intimate portrait of life for children growing up on the bottom rung of American society.

    With images that will stay with you long after it ends, this film presents an unforgettable portrait of the recession's human impact -- and the undeniable toll the stalling economy takes on children.

    Broadcast on 6th March 2013 on BBC Two

    Directed by Jezza Neumann

    Helping the families

    There are many specialised charities in the US working to tackle the issues causes by Child poverty and who can offer help and support to families in similar circumstances to those shown in the film.

    Details of a range of organisations can be found below, and also on the BBC America's Poor Kids website.

    The position of BBC Editorial Policy is that because of the BBC's over-riding duty to remain impartial, the BBC/True Vision must not solicit or broker direct donations to the families.

    If you wish to know more then you can email petra@aletheiafoundation.org.uk who can give you further information and direct you to organisations that may be willing to pass on a donation to a specific family.

    The following organisations help those affected by the issues raised in America's Poor Kids.

    Salvation Army in Davenport, Iowa

    The Salvation Army works against poverty, addiction and homelessness.

    Salvation Army Quad Cities Iowa, Illinois

    Riverbend Food Bank in Moline, Illinois

    The Riverbend Foodbank is a non--profit organisation that collects donations of food from the food industry for distribution to community organisations.

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