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New Documents Prove Trump Lied To Investigators About Donation To Florida Attorney General

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    Newly released documents have revealed that Donald Trump - and possibly many other members of the Trump Organization - lied to investigators several years ago w


    Newly released documents have revealed that Donald Trump - and possibly many other members of the Trump Organization - lied to investigators several years ago when they were investigated the now-dissolved Trump Foundation.

    The scandal involved a $25,000 donation that Trump personally made from the Foundation to then-Florida attorney general Pam Bondi's political organization, right as she was investigating Trump University (which she failed to prosecute.) This matter is likely not going to result in charges against anyone, but it is just further proof that the Organization itself was filled with liars and thieves.

    Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this.

    Link - www.thedailybeast.com/the-real-story-behind-the-dollar25000-donald-trump-donation-to-pam-bondi?ref=home

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    New documents obtained by the Daily Beast appear to indicate that Donald Trump and several other people with the Trump organization lied to investigators many, many years ago when those investigators were trying to figure out just what the hell was happening with the Trump foundation, which of course, as we all know, was dissolved a couple years ago after, what does it says, a shocking pattern of illegality.

    But here is what these new documents tell us.

    These new documents tell us that there was a $25,000 check signed by Donald J.

    Trump himself from the Trump foundation to a political action committee to, that was supporting then attorney general, Pam Bondi here in the state of Florida.

    And we all know, by the way, how that story ended up.

    Pam Bondi was investigating.

    Trump University, gets twenty-five grand from Trump, then suddenly says, I see no problem with Trump University.

    You guys are good to go.

    And then Trump University, like Trump foundation was dissolved and forced to pay back all this money to people.

    So, yeah, there's definitely a pattern of illegality, not just with the Trump foundation, but with Donald Trump himself, went back to the $25,000 check when investigators started looking into this, because foundation was a tax exempt organization.

    Tax exempt organizations are not allowed to give money to political causes.

    So they conducted interviews and everybody they interviewed said, oh, we had no idea.

    I didn't know.

    I didn't know this was a political committee, you know, oops, our bad, right? The new documents show emails from Bondi's staff to Trump's staff and here's what one of them said.

    Again, it was a pleasure meeting you today.

    Thanks again for always being so responsive and wonderful to work with.

    Let Mr.

    Trump know that we are so very thankful for his commitment of $25,000.

    And if he wants to make it $50,000, that's perfectly acceptable.

    And then they typed a smiley face.

    Seriously, thanks again for everything.

    And before that, by the way, the email was them giving the tax ID number so that the foundation knew how to, you know, write the check and all that and explaining to them that, yeah, this was a political action committee.

    Here's the name of it, Justice For All which for the record, Donald Trump also misspelled on the check.

    Although I don't know if he wrote that part personally, but there it is and the reports are saying, this is, you know, the smoking gun documents showing that the people from the Trump organization, Trump foundation lied to investigators and it's pretty obvious at this point, they knew they were giving money from a charity to a political action committee.

    Now, unfortunately, that investigation is closed and it ended of course, again, Trump foundation getting dissolved.

    But this kind of seems like the thing where you may want to reopen that investigation because now you have these documents that have come to light and it's shocking to me to think that they didn't have these when they were investigating the actual foundation.

    That's a little weird.

    But uh, this is criminal.

    This is criminal.

    This is illegal.

    Um, I thought people got arrested when they did things illegal.

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