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Alan Dershowitz Attacks Biden's DOJ Over Matt Gaetz Investigation

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    Appearing on Newsmax recently, attorney Alan Dershowitz actually lashed out at the Biden Department of Justice for their investigation into Matt Gaetz, saying t


    Appearing on Newsmax recently, attorney Alan Dershowitz actually lashed out at the Biden Department of Justice for their investigation into Matt Gaetz, saying that it would be a crime if they leaked grand jury material.

    Dershowitz doesn't want to imply that Gaetz might be guilty, but he wasted absolutely no time in speculating that the DOJ might have committed a crime.

    Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins explains what's happening.

    Link - lawandcrime.com/high-profile/alan-dershowitz-slams-biden-dojs-handling-of-matt-gaetz-if-they-leaked-grand-jury-material-that-was-clearly-a-crime/

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    *This transcript was generated by a third-party transcription software company, so please excuse any typos.

    During a recent appearance on Newsmax and a segment titled is Matt Gates, guilty attorney.

    Alan Dershowitz was very quick to point out that, Hey, you can't just go throwing around baseless, accusations of add people.

    And then of course he goes and throws a baseless accusation at the Biden justice department.

    Here is what Alan Dershowitz had to say during this ridiculous segment.

    The investigation of the congressmen began under the Trump administration.

    But what happened is under the Biden administration, the justice department leaked the material improperly.

    If they leaked the grand jury material, that was clearly a crime, but we know they leaked material.

    Now he is a subject, not a target in the investigation.

    And there are justice department rules that you do not leak information about subject as subjects may just end up being witnesses.


    I like how he threw in the word, if okay, because that single word and Dershowitz as an attorney knows this and he chooses his words very carefully.

    He knows

    That that's an unknown and therefore you cannot state it as fact because you can't prove it.

    And as somebody who's made his career as having to walk into courtrooms and prove something beyond a reasonable doubt, I would think Dershowitz would be a little bit more cautious.

    Don't you? If

    They leaked material, if they leaked material.

    And then he goes on to say, well, but I know they leaked material.

    I know they did.

    Yeah, you don't though.

    You really truly don't.

    Now, when we have talked about Matt Gates, uh, and this scandal we have obviously said, allegedly, we have been very careful to mention that he has not been charged with anything.

    He is just, you know, in this investigation, target, subject, whatever fancy terminology people like Dershowitz want to use.

    There really isn't that much distinction between the two.

    Um, but Dershowitz is out here stating

    The fact that he knows they leaked it.

    They leaked it

    Fuses to even entertain whether or not Gates did the things he has been accused of

    Over the last week.

    This is classic misdirection and Dershowitz

    Knows this.

    And that's why the only outlets that can get Dershowitz to go on their program are these hard right outlets.

    Because they know that Dershowitz over the years has morphed into a right wing guy.

    That is exactly what he is now.

    He is the guy who has name recognition, but really no credibility to speak of anymore,

    But people know who he is and the heart.

    Right, right.

    Now, take some seriously.

    So they trot him out, make it seem like this guy knows what the hell he's talking about.

    And then he makes these baseless accusations about the Biden justice department, trying to flip everything away from Matt Gates and onto the DOJ.

    And by the way, Dershowitz your little defense here.

    Even if the DOJ leak, this was obviously it came from somewhere, right? So somebody leaked something to somebody.

    We know that much.


    But you don't know that it was the DOJ, but at the same time, even if they broke the law in leaking this, this has absolutely no bearing on whether or not Matt Gates has

    Guilty or not.

    And you know, that budget

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