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    Please don't let the government-controlled media keep fooling you into thinking drought and fires are due to global warming.

    It is a hoax to deter people from


    Please don't let the government-controlled media keep fooling you into thinking drought and fires are due to global warming.

    It is a hoax to deter people from the truth, and that is, that military planes and HAARP are causing droughts, thusly water and food shortage.

    Ask yourself, why our government would purposely create food shortage? It's not only about creating water and food shortage, govt.

    also wants to impose a carbon tax.

    Therefore create conditions (drought) and blame on global warming, then offer solution of carbon tax.

    There is much proof and official documentation of weather modification, which includes drought inducement and creation of storms.

    Just take time to observe the sky where you live when rain clouds start coming in.

    You are likely to see what I see (and others have seen); military planes flying into them and making them disappear.

    Places in severe drought, such as NC, have gotten many days of rainclouds, but clouds (99% of the time, at least) end up with flat-textured white mass of aerosol behind them, and many trails close together between them, prior to them breaking up with no precipitation.

    Natural clouds are not rectangular, though you might have been retaught that they are through conditioning of the media and almost daily planes flying one above the other in close proximity until all their trails mesh together, thusly making an almost daily white horizon)

    Also ask yourself, why would Disney and Universal Studios change their logo after decades by adding chemtrails to their design.

    Ask yourself, why the Weather Channel once put out postage stamps of cloudscapes, using pictures of chemclouds (aerosol clouds).

    Also, ask yourself why most movies and TV shows take direct shots of aerosol clouds and chemtrails.

    The public is being indoctrinated to accept aerosol clouds as natural by being shown them on TV on an almost daily basis.

    Realize the government controls the media, this includes movies studios.

    Also, please don't let the news (which is now more of a propaganda pusher than a source of news) fool you with it's mind control technique of repetition with its constant rendition of more flight delays due to more planes.

    Realize that airports already know how many planes there are before they make flight schedules.

    Also, please realize if they were so bad at making schedules, that there are constant delays, people would have been fired a long time ago, or the flight schedules would have been improved.

    Also, please realize that delays come from unexpected occurences and/or error in scheduling.

    There are more planes, but most of them are military planes.

    George Bush made claim that he would have military planes allow more space for passenger planes as a resolution to passenger plane delays.

    Now, doesn't that sound like an admission to what the REAL cause of passenger planes has been?

    If you decide to not be so hard headed and closed minded and decide to take the time to observe your sky, and thusly start to notice 2 - 5 military planes in every direction at every moment (on heavy spray days); you might also realize this is being done by our own government, who controls the media and the education system.

    If it was not done by our own government, then why isn't our government putting a stop to it.

    Here are sights worth checking out:

    www.arizonaskywatch.com; www.iseelines.com, www.newyorkskywatch.com; and google Carnicom, Strange days, strange skies, and RSOE alert map if you don't believe hundreds of people are dying from epidemics.

    Also, if you find the RSOE alert map by googling "RSOE", you'll see Asia has been getting pounded by earthquakes, volcanoes, bird flu, other epidemics, tropical storms, cold snaps, and technological and nuclear accidents.

    China has been demanding we pay back the money we owe (because they know our money is about to lose all value).

    Do you think there might be a connection between China demanding money and all their "natural" disasters?

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