1199 union members received 2k compensation from COVID-19 except 32BJ Members Why?

1 week ago

“Every day, we go to work to care for tenants and risk getting COVID-19 death from tenants that come from china! We are putting our own lives on the line to respond to this crisis. Simply coming to work puts us at heightened risk. At the same time, we are dealing with new economic challenges and hardships brought on by the crisis. “We cannot put on a price on unsafe working conditions, and hazard pay does not make up for the lack of proper equipment and support. But it does reflect the lived reality that these workers are putting their health and their lives on the line to ensure that our entire state has a fighting chance to beat this pandemic.” 1199 members have already received 2k in hazard pay except for 32bj members! Janitors Security Officers And service Workers are at risk everyday! We have been told that Our Union Delegates And 32BJ Management have received Compensation Except for Essential Workers! We pay union dues to get representation not to be taken advantage of!!

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